Training under the scheme

       Vocational Training Providers (VTP)

       Criteria for selection of VTPs

       Quality assurance of VTP

       Accreditation/registration of VTPs

       Admission/registration procedure

       Training fees  

       Reimbursement of training cost  



Vocational Training Providers (VTPs)


The training under SDI scheme will be provided by various VTPs under Central Government, State Governments, Public and Private Sector and Industrial establishments. VTPs will provide counselling & vocational guidance, training facilities as per norms, impart good quality training, post training support to trainees in getting employment, maintain data base on trainees trained and the outcome of the training. They will track the trainees for three years or till they get gainfully employed. VTP will also be required to have close networking with the industry for immediate placement of the trainees. They will also maintain accounts, ensure proper utilisation of funds and submit reports and utilisation certificates as per prescribed schedule. They will follow various instructions issued by the committees or any other authority from time to time. All VTPs should have necessary powers to collect the training fee from trainees. They should utilise fee collected and funds received from DGET for meeting various expenses for imparting training and providing post training support services. They should also have powers to reimburse training fee to successful trainees out of funds received from DGET. All VTPs must have a broad band internet connection.


Criteria for selection of VTPs


q       Following categories of Educational and Training Institutes having requisite facilities for conducting training courses would be eligible for becoming VTP for conducting MES courses:

    Institutes (including autonomous institutes) set up by Central Government / State Governments / UT Administrations.

    Private Institutes of repute affiliated/ accredited to a Board / University / Council (NCVT, AICTE etc.) set up by Central Government / State Governments / UT Administrations

    Any other type of institutions/ bodies approved by Apex committee


q       MES framework is a new concept for skill development. During 2007-08 i.e. first year of implementation, necessary management structures at National, Regional and State level (Apex committee, NPMC, Regional Cells, State Committees, State Cells) for managing and monitoring the scheme would be setup. Development of assessment tools and learning material would be done. Assessing bodies would be selected. State Governments and other stakeholders would be familiarised with the scheme procedures. Pilot programmes would be run for validating effectiveness of systems and procedures. Therefore, focus during the first year would be on development work and pilot programmes. There would be constraints in terms of reach of assessing bodies as well as budget availability. Accordingly, only 10,000 persons are to be trained / tested in the 2007-08. It would be required to take up implementation in select states (say 2 States/ UTs from each of the regions) and select cities in the first year and then gradually implement the scheme in other States/ UTs. States/UTs which accept terms, conditions and roles of States and ITIs prescribed under the scheme will be eligible to participate in the scheme.


Quality Assurance for VTPs

Separation of training delivery and assessment functions are aimed at ensuring better quality. Performance of the VTPs would be closely monitored based on the outputs and outcomes of training provided by them. Rating would be awarded to the VTPs.

Accreditation/ registration of VTPs


The procedure for registration of VTPs is given below:

(i)                  DGET will give advertisement for inviting VTPs which wants to run MES courses under SDI scheme to get themselves registered with RDATs. State Govts. may also give advertisements.

(ii)                VTPs will apply to the respective State Director dealing with vocational training with a copy to the respective RDAT. VTP will give a certificate that it has necessary training infrastructure to run the programme. If at any stage it is found that VTP has started courses without necessary training infrastructure, its registration will be cancelled.

(iii)               State Committees after verifying the records will send the list of recommended VTPs to RDAT for registration.

(iv)              If no information is received from the State within 4 weeks from the last date for receipt of application, RDAT can issue registration number to VTPs based on data available with DGET.

(v)               The registered VTPs would be eligible to run MES courses. However, DGET can restrict funding to VTPs.


Admission/ Registration of Candidates


State Directors will issue admission notice along with names of approved VTPs in print and electronic media or in any other media which will reach out to the largest number of people. The candidates will get themselves registered in VTPs. Thereafter, the VTPs will send the list of candidates to respective State Directors immediately. The existing State Govt. policy of reservation of seats for women, Scheduled Caste/ Tribe (SC/ST) persons and others would be followed. From time to time, DGE&T in consultation with various Industry Associations will give wide publicity about the emerging skill areas in the market so that persons select only those skill areas in which employment is available in the market.


Admission/ Registration procedure


Admission/ registration procedure for trainees in recognised VTPs is given below:


1.      State Governments /UT administrations will issue admission notice four times in a year in leading newspapers or in any other media which will reach out to the largest number of people. VTPs can also issue admission notice. The notice will contain following information :

a)      Salient features of the scheme

b)      Names of DGE&T approved Vocational Training Providers (VTPs) and details of the courses they will run

c)      Reservation policy as applicable for admission to government ITIs in the concerned States/UTs will be applicable to all approved VTPs

d)      Fee structure and relaxation in fee for SC/ST and women candidates.

e)      Reimbursement of prescribed training fee to students who pass the trade tests conducted by assessing bodies under aegis of NCVT

f)       Application form to be submitted for admission


2.      Persons will get themselves registered in DGE&T approved Vocational Training Providers. VTP will not admit any trainee once the course is started.

3.      VTP will submit list of the trainees admitted to the nodal Government ITIs, notified by Director looking after the work of vocational training, before commencement of course with a copy to the concerned Director, RDAT.

4.      Nodal Govt. ITI will enter data on the web based software within a week after receiving details.

Training Fee


Following training fee which includes cost of material, honorarium, etc. has been prescribed:


I.         Rs.500 per module for modules having duration upto 90 hrs.

II.        Rs.1000 per module for modules having duration from 91 to 180 hrs.

III.      Rs.1500 per module for modules having duration from 181 hrs to 270 hrs.

IV.      Rs.2000 per module for modules having duration more than 270 hrs.


Candidates belonging to SC/ST category and women will be given relaxation of 25% in fee. In order to motivate trainees to take the training programme seriously, training fees of all those trainees who successfully complete the training would be refunded to them. The fee structure has been prescribed initially for one year and if required, the Apex Committee may revise the training fee.


Reimbursement of Training cost


                                                        I. Training cost @ Rs 15/- per person per hour will be reimbursed to VTPs in respect of those successful persons who got training from the VTPs approved by DGE&T.

                                                      II. State Directors will furnish details to the DGE&T, New Delhi indicating number of persons to be trained in a financial year three months before the start of a financial year.

                                                    III. A one time advance of Rs.3.00 lakhs will be paid to each Govt. ITI so that they can start courses under the SDI scheme

                                                   IV. DGE&T will take a one time approval from Integrated Finance Department at the start of every financial year based on information received from State Directors about the number of persons to be trained in the year for releasing payment to the ITIs/ITCs @ Rs 15/- per trainee per hour through six Regional Directorates of Apprenticeship (RDATs) under DGE&T.

                                                     V. The approval of Integrated Finance Division (IFD), MoL&E will be communicated to all the six RDATS. Whenever statement (indicating number of persons who have successfully passed the tests) come from State Governments for reimbursement, the RDAT after scrutiny of the statement will release funds to the respective ITIs/ITCs.

                                                   VI. State Committees & Principal of each ITI shall ensure that the training fee charged from the trainees is reimbursed to the successful candidates by the VTPs.


Apex Committee can revise rate of reimbursement of training cost and the procedure for release of funds.