Procedure for starting new Industrial Training Institute/Center



i)                    State Director In-charge of the Craftsmen Training Scheme will notify in the leading newspapers of the State to receive particulars in the prescribed perform from the agency seeking permission to start training on the pattern of the Craftsmen Training Scheme from the  August session of the following year. The last date for the receipt of the applications will be 31st December.

ii)                   The State Govt. may charge reasonable fee from ITIs/ITCs seeking affiliation .The revenue so collected may be kept at the disposal of State Director as revolving fund to meet the expenditure for payment of TA/ DA to the retired officer appointed as representative of DGE&T for affiliation inspection .

iii)                 The applications received by the State Directors after 31st December will not be normally entertained. However, the applications received up to 10th January, of the following year could be given consideration, if a late fee of Rs 100/- is deposited by applicants.

iv)                 The State Director will scrutinise the applications and after judging their authenticity and financial position shall convey provisional permission by the end of February to the deserving applicant only for starting the Institute and ask them to make all necessary arrangements.

v)                  The Management of the Institute shall make all necessary arrangements and provide necessary arrangements and provide necessary infrastructural facilities  for the proposed trades and units as per the prescribed norms by the end of June.

vi)                 An institute seeking affiliation has to supply the information regarding infrastructure and instructor available in the institute in Annexure III  to the State Director . The state shall verify the availability of necessary infrastructure & availability of instructor at the institute and if institute is found a fit case for considering for affiliation to NCVT , may constitute a Standing Committee and get the Institute inspected by 15th July.

vii)               Standing committee will ensure  the availability of the following

q       Site plan & building drawing indicating various section workshop etc.

q       The space earmarked for each trade both already affiliated and proposed for affiliation at the institute.


Joint Action Plan - State Directors dealing with Craftsman Training Scheme in consultation with coordinating officers of DGE&T for the region i.e. Directors of ATIs, RDATs, FTI, CSTARI as the case may be, shall prepare a Joint Action Plan for affiliation inspections of ITIs and ITCs for the State /UT concerned. A panel restricted  only to the retired class I  Gazetted  Technical Officer from DGE&T may be nominated as DGE&T representative on the Standing Committee inspection team . However the TA/ DA to these officer would be born by the respective State Directors.


v   Cut off date: 30th July of every year have been fixed a cut off date by which the State Directorates should identify and intimate the number and details of ITIs / ITCs to be considered for affiliation during the following academic year


v   The Standing Committee after verifying available infrastructural facilities and the arrangements made for starting training may recommend  affiliation for the deserving trades /units only, clearly indicating the conditions, if any, in their recommendations.


v   The inspection report may be scrutinized in DGE&T, for ascertaining compliance of procedure.The  affiliation of the trades/units recommended by the standing committee shall be considered. Only those trades/units which are found out to the prescribed norms shall be recommended by DGE&T and final orders conveying grant of  affiliation shall be issued by the Secretary, NCVT after obtaining approval from the subcommittee of NCVT dealing with affiliation.

v   The time schedule for various activities mentioned above, if need arises be altered by the State Directors at their end but the final date of submission of proposal to DGE&T Hqrs by 20th August of each year should be adhered to.

Check list for forwarding SCIR /DIRs to DGE&T (HQ) for seeking affiliation at Annexure    III B of Training Manual for ITIs/ITCs .




The State Governments may decide to state and institute according to manpower requirements in their States/UTs. Excepting items (i) to (iii) all other items under (a) for private institutes or applicable for government institutes also.




All additional trade/unit to be started in a  affiliated institute (Govt. or Private) are required to be started with the prior approval of the concerned State Director In-charge of Training. If one unit of the trade is already affiliated to National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) additional unit i.e. 2nd unit may be inspected by Departmental Inspection Committee on the same lines as the inspection is carried out by the Standing Committee . Same annexure III may be submitted for seeking affiliation to NCVT . Similar action may be taken if affiliation is being sought for 4th 6th i.e. even number of units. But in case of 3rd 5th , 7th  the State Director will ensure that the additional trade/unit gets  affiliated to NCVT based on the inspection and recommendation of a duly constituted Standing Committee. Inspection report of such additional trade/unit duly recommended by the Standing Committee must reach DGE&T by April every year so that the processing can be completed well in advance of the starting of a new session in August. Trainees of such additional trade/unit will not be permitted to appear in the All India Trade Test, in case  affiliation is not accorded before the All India Trade Test.


Comprehensive proposal should be submitted by the State Directorates distinctly stating therein the facilities provided for the second shift and the earlier affiliated trades/unit for obtaining affiliation either for the new trades or additional units.


If any individual State satisfied with the maintenance of machinery quality of training and general discipline , might seek special dispensation from DGE&T for running IIIrd shift.






             Procedure for Seeking  Affiliation to N.C.V.T.


An Institute /Trade/Unit for which  affiliation to NCVT is sought will be inspected by Standing  Committee constituted by the State Director In-charge of Craftsmen Training. It will have the following composition:

a)      Two members to be nominated by the SCVT(one from industry and other from Labour)

b)      One member to be nominated by the Secretary of the NCVT.

c)      State Director in-charge of Craftsmen Training or his Senior Officer of the training side.

d)      The Committee may co-opt one/two Experts in the relevant trade/trades.


v     The Standing Committee with minimum three members (at least one of whom should be a representative of NCVT and one representative of State Director), should  inspect the Institute to ensure that the information furnished by the Institute in the prescribed proforma (Annexure III) is correct and the Institute/Trade/Unit has been equipped as per prescribed norms in respect of tools and equipment, building, land, furniture, power supply, appointment of staff, etc. (Annexure II) Standing Committee inspection of particular I.T.I./Trade/Unit would be carried out once in an academic year.

v     Two copies of the Inspection Report of the Standing Committee/ Departmental Inspection Report as per Annexure III shall be sent by the State Director to the Secretary, NCVT with his observations on prescribed proforma as per Annexure III A for seeking permanent affiliation, provided that the Standing Committee had recommended for  affiliation. The State Director should not seek  affiliation for the trades/units which are not recommended by the Standing Committee.


v     The Secretary, NCVT will scrutinize all such inspection reports and obtain approval for deserving trade/units from the Sub-Committee of the NCVT dealing with affiliation, before conveying the decision to the State Director    in-charge of Training.


v     In order to ensure that standards of training as prescribed by NCVT are maintained, periodic follow up inspection of permanently affiliated Institute/Trades will be done by respective State Directorates, Standing Committees or officials of DGE&T.

v     Affiliated Institutes/Trades failing to maintain the prescribed standard of training are to be deaffiliated on the basis of recommendations of the Standing Committee for evaluation of Institute to the Secretary, NCVT.



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