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Trades under CITS for common syllabus of Workshop Calculation Science and Engineering Drawing

List of trades and syllabus
Group No Trades included in the
Common syllabus of Workshop Calculation Science and Engineering Drawing


Forger & Heat Treater, Carpenter, Foundry Man, Pattern Maker, Sheet Metal worker, Welder (Gas & Electric), Plumber, Refractory Technician Workshop Calculation Science (group-I) PDF Image  272.66 KB
Engineering Drawing (group-I) PDF Image  333.16 KB
2. Mechanic Motor Vehicle, Mech. Ref. & Air conditioning, Farm Mechanic and Mechanic Ag. Machineries Workshop Calculation Science (group-II) PDF Image  273.71 KB
Engineering Drawing (group-II) PDF Image  284.82 KB
3. Draughtsman (Mechanical), Draughtsman (Civil), Reading of Drawing & Arithmetic (ROD & A), Surveyor, Draughtsman (Architect) Workshop Calculation(group-III) PDF Image  382.89 KB
Workshop Science (group-III) PDF Image  394.04 KB
Engineering Drawing (group-III)
4. Fitter, Turner, Machinist, Machinist (Grinder), Tool and Die Maker, MTMM, Operator Adv. M/C Tool Workshop Calculation Science (group-IV) PDF Image  290.06 KB
Engineering Drawing (group-IV) PDF Image  289.85 KB
5. Electrician, Wireman Workshop Calculation Science (group-V) PDF Image  300.51 KB
Engineering Drawing (group-V) PDF Image  293.3 KB
6. Maintenance Mechanic (CP), Attendant Operator (CP), Instrument Mechanic (CP),Laboratory Attendant (CP), Instrument Mechanic
Workshop Calculation Science (group-VI)
Engineering Drawing (group-VI)
7. Electronics Mechanic, Mechanic Radio and TV, IT&ESM
Workshop Calculation(group-VII) PDF Image  299.55 KB
Workshop Science (group-VII)
Engineering Drawing (group-VII) PDF Image  252.46 KB


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